Safety Glasses 2

Safety glasses aren’t just your fashion accessory for the job they are actually there to protect your peepers from all sorts.  It was a lucky instance for this lad, where these safety glasses saved his eye from an exploding angle grinder disc. Very fortunate for him, but it also gives us a chance to raise the awareness wearing the right PPE for the job.

What he should’ve done was wear a visor to protect all of his face, because let’s just say he was lucky that the disc landed where it did. Using the right PPE is like using the right tools, you wouldn’t wanna use a screw driver as a chisel job!

There are 3 main types of eye protection to consider:



Safety-GogglesSafety goggles

Saftey_GlassesSafety glasses

These are all important to protect your eyes in different ways. Visors are used to protect your whole face from impact; safety glasses are used to protect only your eyes from impact. Safety goggles are used to protect your eyes from fine dusts and so on. Remember to look after your eyes apprentices, because they aren’t going to grow back.